Weekly Update

Here’s another (almost *akhem*) weekly update. Not much this week, since I didn’t read many long essays and I’m trying to keep the kitty videos contained to social media ;)

Beautiful photography

The article is a nice introduction with some descriptions of the photographs and the stories behind them. More photos on the artists site: http://uldus.com/

Turns out our brains are quite lazy. Or shockingly lazy, if you were to believe some of the experiments in this interesting article.

Weekly Digest

Inspired by the Tim Ferris’ 5-Bullet Friday emails, and the fact that not all my friends are on social media, and that sometimes interesting things just get lost in the noise (even when it’s you looking for something you yourself posted earlier…) I’ve decided to do a weekly recap of all the interesting stuff I’ve read or seen. It’s also a way to ease myself into blogging again, but don’t expect too much elaborate content, since most of the time I find other people put the interesting fact more eloquently than I could. :)

Not Just Black Slavery

Hidden away as a photo comment I found this piece about Irish history quite a fascinating read.

(Available on Facebook)

Floating FarmSolar Powered Floating Farm

The article doesn’t offer that many details, but the concept is absolutely fascinating. It also seems to be a bit more than just a pretty drawing, like we sometimes see in case of these futuristic self-sustainable city/boat ideas.

Codegirl the Movie

I watched the movie while it was available for free on YouTube and have to agree with the review. Interesting to watch for someone from the tech community, but a bit too much focused on the competition itself. Felt very rushed, and I wouldn’t really see anyone paying for the movie, so in all honesty it really should stay free. It’s good to see the topic being raised, but in the end the movie fell a bit flat for me at actually showing the way for those girls interested in exploring a tech career as an option.

The Witcher Movie

Yes, we did have a Polish Witcher movie years ago, but it was nothing to shout about (I did like the soundtrack though). With the games success one can hope that a big international production will actually do something good. Not much info yet though.

Brickwork Quality Change

An interesting essay about the difference in building standards and approach to brickwork over the last 100 years. Love the lamp evolution photo in the beginning of the article.

Never Say Never

Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two forward. Or in other words, never say never. Or to put it in simple terms – I’ve gone perm again…
I’ve been pretty happy with the contracting work I’ve done over the last year and a bit. After being preoccupied almost exclusively with the publishing work before that, it’s been a nice change to be coding full-time again (occasional side projects here and there don’t really count in my book). I’ve also been lucky enough to meet some great people along the way.
Despite being a loner at heart I had to admit I did miss the office banter a bit. So when I ended up contracting at an exciting company with a great team, the year had flown by fast. And while I was adamant I wouldn’t be going back to full time employment, sometimes the stars align just right and an opportunity lands in your lap that you just can’t refuse.
Castle Trust Innovative solutions for unique situationsWith a slew of exciting projects ahead I’m thrilled to join Castle Trust this month as their Lead Developer. Yay! :)
Feral, Dragons Reborn (Uutta Toivoa)At the same time, this does not mean I’m saying goodbye to my publishing dreams. On the contrary – “Feral: The Dragon Within” has just been release (expect a longer post soon about the 2+ years of work I put into that book), and while I’m working on Feral part 2 and Hellena’s story, there’s some exciting things I’d like to try with the Wing & Fang brand soon too.

Killednloading MeteorJS Issue

When deploying my meteor app to a new server I run into a weird issue that didn’t seem to come back with any helpful errors.



would get stuck on Download meteor-tool@3.0.38 which would eventually exit with a “killednloading” message.

For anyone else stuck scratching their heads, it seem to be an out of memory issue.

How We Listen to the Music We Love

This wasn’t what I planned on writing about today… But since I’ve updated my gaming machine the other day (Goodbye Vista!  – yeah, I was surprised too, to see it was still running that…) I’ve been doing a little bit of clean up on it. The usual, tune settings, update drivers, remove unused or broken programs… That’s when I spotted something I haven’t used for a very long while.


Oh, my. Now that’s a blast from the past. I felt a bit sentimental when removing it. But these days I’m addicted to Spotify. It’s funny how things evolve. I don’t have many paid subscriptions, especially for things that aren’t related to running my business. Spotify is one of the few exceptions.

As a kid I started out with cassette tapes, but during my teens we quickly moved on to CDs. And then there were mp3s. I used to hoard those. Although I didn’t have a portable player for a long while. Though, funny enough I can’t quite remember what I used for on the go music in the period between tapes and an mp3 player – since I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a portable CD player… But back to my hoarding habits. Although mp3 players and then phones allowed me to take a selection of my files with me it wasn’t quite the same as having access to everything. And then I lost it all. Or almost all in a hard drive disaster. My fault really since I didn’t have a backup.

I tried restoring that collection and overtime grew my hoard a bit again. But before I had a chance to go on a proper shopping spree I found Spotify. At first I was a bit doubtful if it could replace “owned” music for me.  But as time went by I found, that pretty much anything I wanted to listen to was on there. Almost everything… and on that in a moment.

Funny enough I didn’t start paying for Spotify for it’s mobile use or to get rid of the ads. I actually enjoyed the ads. Most of them were funny, at least back when I was on free. No, what got me to pay were my bad listening habits. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who listen to something over-and-over-and-over-and-over-and… you get the point. Playlists, sometimes an individual song. So when they introduced a play limit on the free option that was it. I had to become a subscriber.

So, you might wonder what  is it that I’m missing with Spotify. Well. The one thing that still isn’t there is non-English music. That’s something I lost when my hard drive died – a whole lot of Polish music. Some of it I could in theory recreate from the CDs I owned (or tapes??? As if anyone still had something that plays those…), but there were a few random indie/local bands I just had a song or two of. But in the end you just move on.  On a positive note, I’m actually seeing more and more Polish artists on Spotify too. It’s frustrating that sometimes they’ll just have one, latest album on there, when I’m looking for the classics I know.

I remember the awe and excitement when instead of a single album or a handful of pre-selected songs I moved to my extensive playlist on an mp3 player. I get the same awe now when I stop to think about the music I have at my fingertips through my phone. Everything available anywhere you are (OK, abroad trips can still be a challenge).

Just as I never though I’d move on from mp3s stored on my drive, I can’t imagine moving to some other way of consuming music over Spotify now. But maybe the successor is already out there. Anyone know of a revolution going on?

SailsJS 0.9.8 and Bootstrap 3.0.3 LESS

While trying to setup a starter project I hit a bit of a snag. Turns out the latest less files don’t want to play nice with the grunt-contrib-less (0.5.2) that comes with SailsJS (0.9.8).

parse error: failed at &:extend(.clearfix all);

Since the required version is written explicitly in SailsJS package.json it’s not enough to just update your own project dependencies to the newer grunt/less versions (duh! took me a while before I realized that).

Another Year Gone By

Another one of those, everyone is doing it, so should you things – the revision of the year behind us and the planning (including the obligatory New Year’s resolutions) for the year ahead. Ah, what the hell, I’ll bite.

The Dreaded 13

I’m not superstitious. I’m really not. But after 2013 I just, maybe just, have started to believe those suffering from Triskaidekaphobia are on to something. In many ways this year has been terrible – business wise, and with disaster after disaster coming left and right. Want some examples? My place in Poland got flooded twice in the same month.

But I’m not one to wallow in self-pity. So just to be contrary I will ignore all the negative things and focus on all the awesome stuff that happened last year. There had to be something, right?

The Engagement

Weee, I'm a Princess! (Flickr)
Weee, I’m a Princess!

I don’t care it’s a bit out of order, but since it’s big news it deserves to go first. Andy proposed during our trip to Svalbard. So despite not seeing any polar bears or northern lights, that’s one memorable moment from the holiday!

Also since the ring was a tad too big, I’ve learned that adjusting the size takes a whole three weeks. I have a feeling they needed to melt the thing down and forge it all over given how long that takes… Though it was worth the wait.

Oh, and the holiday was lovely too. ;)



Although I started several projects not all of them have seen their deadlines met in 2013. Still, I published 3 books this year, including my longest published work: A Fool’s Embrace (Vampire Bytes) and two titles under a “special” pen name (yeah, naughty books are fun to write too…). Those three titles come to 38.5k words in total. Unfortunately I haven’t been running a writing total from the beginning of the year so not sure how much I actually wrote since the former number is what has been published.

I have a rough estimate for December 2013 – about 16k words of fiction and November 2013 – about 20k. Just need to get these things finished and published. I did complete a sci-fi short story for an anthology but since that won’t be released till a bit later this month (?) it will count for 2014 stats (I’ll publish it as standalone a bit after the anthology is out).

A Proper Grownup

Not sure if this should qualify as a pro or a con of this year, but I’ve moved from the young and spritely category to the old and boring over-thirty. Nah, life hasn’t really changed much. The big three zero hasn’t brought any life shattering revelations with it – mentally I’m still about fifteen…

Mastering Photoshop

This is one area I definitely made a lot of progress in. And not in the “yucky” use for web design. Still think those peeps are crazy and Fireworks is the best tool for that. Nope, I’ve been editing photos, mostly designing book covers. I’m quite proud of the things I’ve learned and how I went from mainly a single photo with minimal tweaks plus good typography, to more advanced photo manipulation. My portfolio has definitely grown a lot during 2013.

Resolution Time!

I still haven’t sat down to do an action plan for my business (and it desperately needs some focus). Want to have that done by the end of next week. Though that isn’t much of a resolution.

Have a game night once a week. It’s way to easy to just spend our free time watching stuff on tv and browsing articles on the web in the evening. Both my finace and I love board games, but seem to never have time to play these days. Will be working on that.

Write a blog post once a week. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry seeing that the updates on this blog have been: 01/2013, a few sporadic ones and then 11/2013. It’s almost like I should move to Tumblr or something. I think part of the problem is the pressure of preferring one blog over another (I run several sites for different purposes). So the rule will be at least one either for DD or that I can link to from DD. That way I won’t feel guilty for posting on my author site (like this post about the Photoshoot).

Write 500k words of fiction. Well at least one of these goals has to be ambitious…  Then again if I wrote five days a week it’s just under 2k per those writing days, so not unachievable if I’m disciplined about it. I love what DWS wrote about this specific topic in his recent post. I have to agree, that we should learn to take away what we can from failure and move on, rather than dwell on it.

Read 50 books. Nuff’ said. And I mean other than the ones I’ve written myself.

Finish this website. Erm, yeah, that’s long overdue…

I have quite a few things I’d like to achieve this year, but I think these are more goals and ongoing challenges. So I’m not going to vow to eat healthy or exercise just to fail by the time next holiday comes around. I’ve been working on that for a while, and however flawed my efforts have been they need to be more than a resolution. Besides in my case it’s starting to be a matter of not crashing after a high carb/sugar meal rather than dropping a dress size or two. Oh, all right, yeah that would be nice, too.

FaNoWriMo – Update 5

With November (and NaNoWriMo) finished it’s time for the final update.

Day 25

Blogs: 397
Fiction: 778
Total: 31,646 (1175)

Day 26

Blogs: 608
Fiction: 473
Total: 32,727 (1081)

Day 27
Fiction: 515
Total: 33,242 (515)

Day 28
Fiction: 1195
Total: 34,437 (1195)

Day 29
Total: 34,437

Day 30
Blogs: 1394
Total: 35,831 (1394)

As you can see from the final day entry I ended up coming up short of my 50k target. I did want to catch-up more, but unfortunately client work has pretty much taken over my life. However this will make for an interesting comparison point for this month.

Take aways from this month’s experiment:

It’s interesting to track all sorts of writing. I never realised how many words I’m “losing” on forums, blogs, emails, etc. Turns out it’s not just time spent reading what others have to say on writing that takes my time away from writing, but also my own replies too. Next step would be to try and time these longer replies – might turn out I get a better typing speed there.

Despite planning to devote two hours a day to writing, that’s been rarely met, especially in the later part of the month. I’m still unsure of how to qualify the time spent writing for clients. Should that go under the “client work” or “writing” block of time? With more editing work coming my way that is another problematic task, when it comes to classification.

Regardless of typing speed I noticed my mind gets tired and starts taking shortcuts around the 1k words mark. Seems like I need a break or I naturally drift towards ending the scene. Would be interesting to see if it’s more to do with the time it takes me to write this amount or the word count itself.

FaNoWriMo – Update 4

Sometimes I don’t really know where the time goes. Another week’s gone by and my word count seems stuck in place.


Day 18

Blogs: 701

Total: 22,984 (701)

Another short day. Stayed up late playing a game with friends on Sunday, and then had another one Monday evening.


Day 19

Blogs: 749

Total: 23,733(749)

No fiction, just a few smaller blog posts.


Day 20

Blogs: 125

Fiction:  974

Total: 24,832(1099)

Started work on a ghost writing project. Had to put my own book on hold for a bit.


Day 21

Fiction: 797

Other: 334

Total: 25963 (1131)

Making decent progress. As usual it seems my brain can handle one scene per day.


Day 22

Blogs: 170

Fiction:  2063

Other: 995

Total: 29,191 (3228)

Decent progress on fiction. Unfortunately need to push harder if I am to come even close to my goal.


Day 23

Fiction:  1280

Total: 30,471 (1280)

Working on the ghostwriting project.


Day 24


Sundays are proving hard for writing. Though the RPG games we play are a great inspiration, both literally and as far as a more general creative brain reset is concerned.


Well, I’ve reached 30k. That’s more than my first attempt at NaNoWriMo. Can I reach the 50k? Unlikely, but I’ll try to get as much writing done this week as I can. The non-writing work really does eat away at my time. I’ve had some things to do for a loca charity too that I’ve been putting off for way too long.

This leads me to an interesting statement about NaNoWriMo I’ve read somewhere recently. The author didn’t comment on this explicitly, but talked about how by the 20th day people drop out and other cheer them up with words akin to “Don’t worry, you’ll get it next year.” This really struck me as strange. Maybe they are referring specifically to the 50k goal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of them meant it as, “yeah, go back to your day job now, and wait till next Novemeber with this writer stuff.”

Well, whether I fail or succeed this month, it doesn’t mean I stop writing in Decemeber, Janurary, February… you get the point. Every month should be a challenge, pushing for, well not necessarily higher word count, but definitely getting more written and published*.

I’m already pondering on keeping up with the weekly stats at least for December, and maybe later if I don’t get bored with taking notes and people still want to read the numbers.

* Still should be quality writing though.

FaNoWriMo – Update 3

Here comes another update… *drumroll*

Day 9

Blogs: 325
Fiction: 1267
Other: 1778
Total: 11,769 (3370)

Day 10

Blogs (and forum posts): 445 + 923 + 995 (2363)
Fiction: 690
Total: 14,822 (3053)

OK, I think I can see where my word count is “leaking” during the day. I should probably revert to forum posts that consist of “I concur.” or “Well done!” – my responses are way to elaborate. Kind of depressing I write those a lot faster than a regular 900 words of fiction too.

Day 11

Blogs: 210 + 289 + 136 (635)
Fiction: 1474
Total: 16,931(2109)

Tried not to go overboard with the forum posts. In fact I’m trying to limit my reading and answering time in general.

Day 12

Blogs: 482 + 81 (509)
Fiction: 601
Total: 18,041 (1110)
Day 13
Fiction: 528
Total: 18,569

I’ve been recently swamped with work and this really is starting to affect my word count.

Day 14

Fiction: 1285
Total: 19,854

Day 15

Total: 19,854 (0)

Yeah, one of those days. Tried to get some work done before going out to hang with friends. These meetings somehow always seem to end way after midnight. Not that I’m complaining, but that doesn’t leave me many working hours. And clients do get priority over fiction…

Day 16

Other: 2429
Total: 22,283

No fiction, but I did catch up on some notes from our games. Since these often act as inspiration (and future reference material) at least it counts towards my FaNoWriMo word count. Met up with a different friend and went tot h cinema together, so I did end up going to a different town.  Can someone please invent teleportation, please?

Day 17

Total: 22,283 (0)

Every two weeks we have two games around the weekend (Friday and Sunday). The plan was not to stay up to late, but again – back home at 3am. Ended up working on client projects for a little bit and no time for writing.


I need to focus on a short-story for an anthology and a few editing projects this week, so not sure how that will affect my word count. Since the short needs some planning and plotting that won’t give me words towards my goal. The thing has to be under 6k too. If I had the time I’d overlap the plotting with writing for the other story, but that’s looking very unlikely.