Week In Review 07/2017

Monday 13th February Gas meter moved out of the kitchen. Yay! One step closer to my new kitchen. RPG evening - Warhammer tonight. The highlight of »

Week In Review 06/2017

Monday 6th January 2017 Started on a cover for a client. Shopping trip to the big Tesco. Daily Baby Weekly teddy :) #dailyBaby A photo posted by »

Week In Review 05/2017

Monday 30th January 2017 First RPG session of the year :) Zack made a guest appearance: Daily Baby Mind control... #dailyBaby A photo posted by Joanna Walker »

Week In Review 04/2017

Monday 23rd January 2017 I picked up the sling from the post office and did a big shop. But after that everything went wrong... Game meeting »

Week In Review 03/2017

Third week of the year… Wow, time seems to fly by fast. Then again at the same time, it feels like I've been doing this for »