Decided to make a place to track my progress (or lack of… will see about that). I’ll keep updating this through out the year.

Write 500k


37,691 (9,102) 12/05/2014 Actually wrote more, but when re-writing it was hard to track the word count, so I’m not counting that.
28,589 (20,181) – 30/03/2014 A bit more than 10k per month. Hoping to pick up the pace now.
8,408 – 04/02/2014 January ended up at a bit of a writing loss.
5,737 – 19/01/2014 Slow start to the year, but staying optimistic overall.

Write 50 blog posts

  1. This one (hey, I like recursion…)
  2. SailsJS 0.9.8 and Bootstrap 3.0.3 LESS (ThinkRobot)
  3. Are You My Reader? (J.C. Harker)
  4. How We Listen to the Music We Love
  5. The Survivor – New Story Out (UT / Eonika)
  6. Izzy & Basil – Teaser Tuesday (UT / Eonika)

Read 50 books

Finished books are bolded.

  1. Dragon Singer (Pern) by Anne McCaffrey
  2. Fledgling (The Dragonrider Chronicles) by Nicole Conway
  3. A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan
  4. Enter The Death Circus (Tales from The Longview) by Holly Lisle
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